Practice approved by international associations.

Ramji Singh's practice for the IES is certified by Sound Therapy Institutions and organizations in Europe.

Europäischer Fachverband

Register# 3301

Deutsche Musiktherapeutische Gesellshaft

Register# 12948

The Complementary Medical Association

Register# C20180927000101

Sound Therapy

Sound therapy is a sacred and ancient discipline that explores, develops and integrates the benefits of sound and vibration in the body, mind, and spirit. This correctly applied system promotes deep relaxation and peace of mind.


Your technique will improve every day


Your energy and create the best version of yourself


The benefits of the Power of Sound with others

Gong Training in 4 phases

You can take the pieces of training separately.
We recommend you to start with the Gong Techniques course as a basis for your practice.

1. Gong Meditation
To experience a inner connection 

2. Gong Techniques

The bases for your practice

3. Gong Therapy
For enthusiasts who want to share the gong benefits

4. Going Deeper
Advanced Techniques for experts